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Axel Cruysberghs

Axel Cruysberghs

De: Poperinge Age: 21

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Birth Place: Poperinge

Currently Living: Poperinge

Years Skating: 11

Years Skating for Volcom: 5

Sponsors: Volcom Clothing, Etnies, SBQ, Independent, Bones, Electric, Skullcandy, Red Bull

Favorite Spot: Mechelen DIY park

Favorite country: Croatia

Goals: Skate every day

First board: Cheap fake board from a random store

Warm Ups: 5-0 grinds in quarterpipes

What gets you motivated to skate?: AVE footage

Side Tracks: If you’re in Belgium, eat fries!

Music/Bands: Juicy J, Beach house, Neil Young, Rolling stones, Peter Murphy

Videos/Movies: The Hurricane, Old school

Best style: Anthony van Engelen

Random Information: I wear contacts

Favorite Volcom Jeans/Pants: Grant Taylor pants

One thing you can't leave home without: my phone

Special Thanks: My mom and dad, my brother, my grandmother, my grandfather, my girlfriend, Oli Buergin, Switn, Everybody at SBQ, Jelle Keppens, Volcom, Christian Vankelst, Hans Claessens.

Fill in the blank: Hello. My name is Axel Cruysberghs, some people call me Axelcrusher. I would best describe my hometown as the place at the end of the road I've traveled quite a bit, but by far the best place I've been is Croatia, because it’s warm and we slept on the beach. But, by far most worse trip ever was to (no bad trip).


William Aliotti wins the Arica Pro Tour in Chile
What an incredible trip in South America for the free surfer, William Aliotti who just won the WQS 1500 of Arica. Photo Credit : WSL The young french surfer was traveling in Chile with Seb Zanella, Desillusion’s chef editor, to work on his new coming project. Photos Credit : Sebzanella William had the opportunity to be in the draw of the first WSL contest he competed this year, and everything turned like a dream. Heat after heat, William showed incredible surf skills in heavy conditions, scoring big numbers. The final was the high point of William’s trip, where he earned a 10 point ride and the respect of the crowd ! Photos Credit : Sebzanella "Arica is incredible; the waves are always big and powerful, and it's consistent with any kind of swell. The people are great, the food is delicious and I had a great time here!  The waves have been amazing every day and that's the reason why I do these events. I was trying to build my scores throughout the event and I finally did that with the 10 at the end. I drove up here from Santiago and have been surfing the whole way. Those days in France when it was massive helped me a lot to feel confident in this kind of waves and I’m now over the moon with this victory! »    Photos Credit : Sebzanella Congrats again William! Stay tuned to discover William’s new clip, filmed and edited by Desillusion Mag. Photos Credit : Sebzanella  
William Aliotti Choose Your Way
There are many roads, paths, ways, dirt tracks, sands roads, easy ways, normal ways and extremly hard ways. Look at them and choose one, let your dreams direct your steps and your footprints will write your destiny. Choose your way is a project made by Gines Diaz and Adrian Rood with William Aliotti Stay tuned, more clips are coming soon from our favorite caribbean surfer!!
You should know with William Aliotti
Recently Surfline met William Aliotti to talk about the famous surf village of Hossegor in the South west of France. According to William’s taste, discover the best places to eat, drink, shops! Click here: SURFLINE
William Aliotti — One more cover
SURF SESSION INTERVIEW He did it again!!!!! William Aliotti clinched one new cover of one European Surf Mag, Surf Session, his 4th cover since last december! Thanks a true relationship with the photographer Andrew Christie, William managed to get a sick pic from a stormy day in the South West of France! Congrats one more time Willy, you are a freak! By Andrew Christie
William Aliotti scores the cover of the latest issue of Surf Session magazine
One more! One more cover in an european surfing magazine for the Caribbean surfer William Aliotti!! This time he’s starring in the latest issue of the French magazine Surf Session. In addition to the cover, William has got an 8 pages interview about his career and professional surfer life. CONGRATS again William! Pic: Jesus Carceller
William Aliotti scores the cover of the last issue of CARVE Magazine
Congrats to William Aliotti for his cover in the last issue of CARVE Magazine! A crazy shot from Supertubos in Portugal captured by Roger Sharp. Have a look on William’s instagram to enjoy the full sequence. Good job (one more time) William!