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Harry Timson

Harry Timson

De: Leicestershire Age: 22

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Birth Date: 24/10/1995

Birth Place: England

Currently living: Hossegor

Sponsors: Volcom Clothing

Years Surfing: 15

Favorite Spot: Lakey peak

Favorite country: Indo

Goals: Surf to live, live to surf

First board: 4’1 shaped by my dad

Warm Ups: Running up the dune to check the waves

What gets you motivated to surf?: Music and a good film!

Side Tracks: Sleeping

Music/Bands: Listen to everything because there is always a time and place

Videos/Movies: Fly In The Champagne

Best style: Andy Irons

Random Information: Koalas are really agressive

Favorite Volcom Jeans: Chilli chokers

Favorite Boardshorts: Fun Tana

One thing you can't leave home without: Clothes

Special Thanks: Dad for everything

Fill in the blank: Hello. My name is Harry Timson , some people call me Hazza . I would best describe my hometown as really nice however gets cold in the winter! I've traveled quite a bit, but by far the best place I've been to is Indo, because of the waves, by far most worse trip ever was to Portugal after loosing the boards!



Tectonic Temptations by Harry Timson
Tectonic Temptations by Harry Timson Over the past couple of years Harry Timson has spent the winter months in Indonesia. Whilst enjoying perfect waves with his friends and family, he fired it up on the video and photo front and gained a ton of coverage including the cover of the last issue of Wavelength! Here is the clip of his Indonesian surf trip where Harry shows impressive skills in these hollow lefts! Good Job Harry! Pic: Andrew Christie
Harry Timson on the cover of the latest issue of Wavelength magazine
Congrats to Harry Timson and his photographer and father Vince for landing the cover of Wavelength magazine. Each winter, Harry spends a couple of months in Indonesia surfing and shooting and as seen here, once again he came back with the goods. Look out for an upcoming clip Great Job Harry!
There's something about Harry
Credit photo: Andrew Christie I hooked up with Harry in Sumbawa, watched him blow people away in the water with his barrel riding and airs, got talking and decided to create this short film. Filmed by Vince Timson and Gudi Ferrer Edited by Gudi Ferrer Harry Timson comes from Cornwall in England, but he spent so much time in Indonesia the last couple years that he should have Indonesian blood in his veins! Don’t miss this clip that will give you want to buy a flight Ticket for the Sumbawa Island and enjoy couple barrels!
Harry Timson Porthleven
Harry Timson and his cameraman, Jack Clinton, went on the very well known English goose chase, which every surfer from the UK knows about. Drive. Check one spot. Looks ok. Then go on to check 10 other spots and end up surfing the first spot you checked. However they rocked up at Porth Leven and it wasn't as they expected. There was no wind at all and reasonable head high waves with next to no one out. The goose chase had ended, they headed out. Everyone was taking rights and there were countless lefts going unridden and just barrels everywhere. It ended up being one of the best sessions Harry has had on the south coast. Watch now!
Harry Timson | Benyak Bagus
Here is a brand new Indo edit from Harry Timson, filmed by his pops last winter. Harry mixes it up in this clip with a few dreamy barrels and some sick airs. This clip will surely make you want to grab your boardshorts, hop on a plane and have a few Bintangs. Enjoy!
If you have been paying attention you would realise that Harry Timson has been spending time over the years in Sumbawa, he was on a cover of a surf magazine recently and now here is clip showing his "True Colours". Nice one Harry, wish we were there.   Photo credit Vince Charlotte