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Maud Le Car

Maud Le Car

De: St. Martin Age: 24

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Birth Date: 05/25/1992

Birthplace: St. Martin, French Caribbean

Currently living: Capbreton, France

Sponsors: Volcom, Vans, Electric, Para’kito

What do you love most about being a pro surfer, and what's the toughest part: The thing I love the most about being a pro surfer is having the opportunity to live my passion while traveling all around the world. Being lucky to discover new countries, amazing waves and landscapes while spending my days in the water. I always wanted to be a pro surfer and I work so hard for it. Today I’m proud to be living my dream life even though being a pro surfer also means making a lot of sacrifices like living far from my family and friends and focusing all the time on my goals.

How do you mentally prepare yourself for a contest: 
I think the most important thing is to always do your best. To do everything you can to succeed and to not have any regrets. I look at contests as a game; playing on the waves and trying to improve myself and my surfing in any kind of situation. I do this because surfing is my passion and something I love to do.

How do you describe your surfing style: 
I think my surfing style is radical and engaged - sometimes a little bit aggressive.

What do you like to do during your down time (when you're not surfing): My second passion is art - I love to paint, spray and draw. I am painting a lot on surfboards, canvas's or skateboards recently to vary my creativity. I also did my first art show this summer!

How long have you been on the women's tour and how enjoyable is it: 
I have been on the women's tour for three years and it’s honestly getting better every year. Sometimes the contests make me nervous but I still have fun because it’s after all just surfing, the thing I love to do the most.

What's more inspiring to you at this moment, love and happiness or money and fame: For sure love and happiness.

What charities are you involved in: I am involved in Keep A Breast (Association against breast cancer). I recently painted a cast that is going to be sold to raise money for the association. In the future I would love to have my own association for the protection of the environment and the ocean.

Is there any place in the world you have not yet surfed but have always wanted to: Mentawaii!!!

What's the secret to your fit body: I stay in shape buy eating raw and fresh food and always keeping my body in action... having fun doing sports.

Fancy restaurant or local night club: Local night club!

What makes Volcom Women's so unique: 
We are rocking!!! We are able to be natural and be completely ourselves without anybody forcing us to be something we are not.

What do you wan the girls out there reading to never forget?: To believe in your own dream and never to give up. You girls are all special and amazing so go big, have fun and be happy!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/followthemaud

Twitter: @FollowTheMaud


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