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William Aliotti

William Aliotti

De: Saint-Martin Age: 22

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Currently Living: Hossegor

Years Surfing: 10

Sponsors: Volcom Clothing, Nixon,von zipper,monsterenergy,vans,fcs gorilla

Favorite Spot: Teahupoo

Favorite country: Tahiti

Goals: To get my drivers licence.

First board: Rusty 5/0

Warm Ups: Depends on what condition

What gets you motivated to surf: Living next to the sea

Side Tracks: Cooking.

Music/Bands: A little of everything the good and bad.

Videos/Movies: Zoolander

Best style: Classic

Random Information: I don’t want to talk about my chain

Favorite Volcom Jeans:  Vorta jeans.

Favorite Boardshorts: Manic Mod

One thing you can't leave home without: My surfboards

Special Thanks:  To all my family and friends and of course my sponsors.

Fill in the blank: Hello. My name is  William Aliotti, some people call me Willy. I would best describe my hometown as a paradise. I've traveled quite a bit, but by far the best place I've been is Tahiti, because  the waves and the people are amazing. But, by far most worse trip ever was to Oz because is was way too busy.



Photos by Jelle Keppens Who hasn’t thought about skating in Japan? Its people are very welcoming and respectful – and their skateboarders are like Samurai warriors. Our international squad was made up of Basque Country rippers Alain Goikoetxea, Dani Lopez de Ipiña and Alain Saavedra, Eniz Fazliov from Finland, and Axel Cruysberghs of Belgium. Together, they converged on Japan to explore the cities and countryside of the land of cherry blossoms. Our friends from Volcom Japan were expecting us, and were nice enough to show us the best spots Tokyo had to offer. Some were quite famous and had been documented many times, but others were totally unknown – and incredible. The city of Tokyo is home to some 13 million people, divided among 23 neighbourhoods, and the spot possibilities are infinite. Shibuya is one of the boroughs with the most spots. You head there, stroll around and the spots just pop up. It is good to go here at night since the lights from the buildings illuminate the whole place. Naturally, Goikoetxea destroyed every transition that got in his way, while Cruysberghs ground waist-high fences. Saavedra and Dani Lopez are free spirits who skated some of the most unexpected spots we encountered. After skating all day, these two would come down to the streets to check out nearby spots and skate more. Fazliov dominated as ever with his unique mix of power and grace- combined with his creative eye for unorthodox spots. Thanks to Saito, Buchi, Joji, Iceman and all the Volcom Japan crew. MORE DETAILS - REDBULL WEBSITE 1 MORE DETAILS - REDBULL WEBSITE 2 IF YOU WANT TO SEE MORE PICS FROM THE TRIP ON INSTAGRAM CHECK: #VolcomEuropeInJapan Dani Lopez - frontside blunt transfer - Tokyo Volcom team in Tokyo Alain Saavedra - Nollie flip - Tokyo Alain Goikoetxea - Wallride Axel Cruysberghs - fronside 50-50 tsukuba Eniz Fazliov - kickflip
Alain Goikoetxea scores the cover of Erosion #76
Alain Goikoetxea is been on fire this whole 2014 and what a good way of ending up the year with this amazing cover on the latest EROSION 76. You can check inside as well a full report about the event of the year, the Volcom Bowl-A-rama 2014!! CONGRATULATIONS ALAIN!!!
Alain Goikoetxea | Out of Bounds #2
Alain Goikoetxea reflects on his first memories of skateboarding, on the love for his hometown and on how he became a professional skateboarder without even trying.