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Volcom Germany family team visits Paris Bastille
Before the heavy skate sculpture installed by Volcom in Paris got taken away, the Volcom Germany +& Austria family team (& friends) paid a visit to the Bastille Days installment and shredded the city for a couple days. After a 6 hour drive things were set for a great weekend. With heavy bones and tired legs, we had a hard time to warm up to film. But the great weather, the nice people and the fun skate spot got everyone hyped so at the end we all had a sick weekend filming, sweating and laughing. Words hardly describe the good times so just check out what Vladik Scholz, Daniel Spiegel, Alex Schultz and the gang pulled out that weekend in Paris Alex Schultz - trash kissing crooked Dani Spiegel 270 fs flip Daniel Spiegel - blasting a switch fs flip Marcel Rieger - 360 flip over the trash bin
The Leuven skate scene is a big happy family! The day of the annual Leuven skate contest was filled with smiles, banger tricks, rad mums and dads cheering, and beers (you’re in Belgium). It is one big family party. The concept was simple and difficult at the same time. The most important part was that you were dressed in a GOLF outfit as it was this year’s theme. On the skatepark changed as a golf course there were 6 holes, that you needed to skate in one run. No Caddies, no Clubhouse, but high socks, plaid shorts and polos…and 19th hole good times. The contest was planned for the whole day so everyone could skate what they wanted. -16 category's, +16 and sponsored killed the street course. But the highlight of the day was the Bowl sponsored skaters finals. The 10 remaining rippers just killed the bowl. A 15 minute jam format got the crowed on fire, crazy tricks, doubles, triples, and a few near death experiences. At the end of the Bowl and Street competition Volcom presented a Best Trick on the big section. With people gapping to flat, skating the rail and getting NBD tricks in the book. Everyone came home full of stoke, passion and love for skateboarding after such a day! LEUVEN FAMILY THANK YOU!!
Volcom Stone’s Psychic Migrations – Premiere in Carcavelos, Portugal
The Portuguese Psychic Migrations movie premiere went down in Carcavelos during the WSL surf contest last Tuesday, so a lot of the surfers starring in the movie were present for the delight of the fans. The screening took place at a local beach bar just right next to the contest area, and as soon as the movie started everyone was hypnotized by the images…Some free beers got served, kids got posters signed and afterward DJ Big started the party. The call for the surf contest was the next day at 7.30am so the stars didn’t stay long after the movie but for sure the locals jammed a little longer! Make sure to check the movie at a premiere near you! Photos from Andre Carvalho Psychic Migrations Portuguese premiere, heavy crew! Gony Zubizarreta, Joao Moreira, Alex Botelho, Joan Duru, Carlos Muñoz, Santiago, Miguel Tudela, Mitch Coleborn and Dusty Payne Carlos Munoz, "pura vida"! Helder and Carlos Munoz introducing the movie Mitch Coleborn Dusty Payne Helder Ferreira has been doing Volcom in Portugal for 19 years now Here is the man without the wig on Santi is a future champion and got to meet his favorite surfers Gony Zubizarreta Alex Botelho "Little big man" Helder, Volcom Portugal Some posters got signed up for the fans Here is Gony and Mitch with Andre Cravalho's last photo book
Volcom Stone’s Psychic Migrations – Premiere in Bruges, Belgium
When was the last time you have been to church? Volcom managed to get a full house last saturday for the “Psychic Migrations” premiere in Bruges, Belgium. The movies was screened during the launch event of Co11ectif magazine ( in a historical abandoned church that opened it’s doors free for all who dared to step foot. Those with a lot of courage could get tatted at under this holy roof. An artist with a suitable name was booked to top of the night. Mathieu Vandekerckhove (translates Mathieu from the graveyard) guitar player from Amenra, created a creepy musical vibe with his solo project Syndrome. photos: Jelle Keppens
Stop #11 of Volcom's WITP Europe 2015 | Barcelona, Spain
Best feeling is to see motivation on the kids when the comp starts. Let The Kids Ride Free Daniela Terol killed it! Lorenzo Palumber won the 14 and under division with tricks like this treflip in zone 2 ENGLISH VERSION: Last weekend last stop of Volcom's Wild In The Parks european tour was held in Barcelona. Known as The Skateboarding capital, it was not strange that riders from all over world showed up at Mollet del Vallés Skatepark: skaters from Brazil, Panama, France, UK, Russia, Norway, US, Portugal and Germany showed up. 120 contestants between all the categories skated under a clear sky. The Best kid from the 10 and under division was Iker Puerta who skated solid and fast. Some girls killed it aswell like the young Daniela Terol and Paula Fiores who jumped over the stairs with a stylish Boneless. The 14 and under division saw some serious action; Lorenzo Palumber took the first place with a perfect treflip on zone 2. The podium of the 15-21 division was entirely made of foreigners except Peque who got a deserved 5th place. WITP regulars Norwegians Oyvind Svensen and Gabriel Bjorsvik took respectively 1st and 2nd position. With Anthony Renaud, they are the 3 qualified for the Champs at the Berrics in that division. The great show came with the Open category. Cristian Delgado was killing it but he injured his knee. Get well soon man. Guys like Christian Vanella, Dani Delgado, David Casado, Adrian García or Adri Ryzhov entered the final with their bags of tricks. Pedro Sanchez did several times a nollie hard flip big spin in zone 3, Christian Casimiro did some solid bs 360 ollies, Pol Catena skated fast as hell and Diego Cano destroyed the rail. But in the end Cristian Estrada from Madrid got the first place, 600€ and the flight ticket to LA right after landing a huge bs flip to flat in zone 2 for his last try which was the apotheosis of the constest. Thanks to JART Skateboards for the goodies, Mollet del Valles city council, and everyone who shoed up to share a great skateboarding day. SPANISH VERSION: Este fin de semana se celebró el campeonato Volcom Wild In The Parks – en el skatepark de Mollet del Vallés. Hasta allí se acercaron patinadores de Brasil, Panamá, Francia, UK, Rusia, Noruega, Estados Unidos, Portugal y Alemania entre otros, por lo que el espectáculo no tuvo desperdicio. Un total de 120 participantes repartidos entre las tres categorías patinaron a la luz de un sol radiante. Tuvimos unos cuantos patinadores en la categoría de 10 años y menos lo que demuestra que tenemos el futuro de skateboarding asegurado. El mejor fue Iker Puerta que patinó decidido y rápido. También hubo unas cuantas chicas, algunas muy jovencitas como Daniela Terol. Paula Fiores marcó la diferencia haciendo cosas como saltarse las gradas de Boneless. Los de 14 y menos vienen pegando fuerte y así lo demostró Lorenzo Palumber que ganó con trucos como tresflip en la zona 2. El podium de la categoría 15-21 quedó copado íntegramente por gente de fuera a excepción de Peque que consiguió un merecido 5º puesto. La victoria aquí fue para el noruego Oyuird Svensen. No ocurrió lo mismo en la categoría Open, en la que el podium se quedó entre caras conocidas del patín nacional. Cristian Delgado estaba patinando increíble y se lesionó. Ánimo Cristian. Gente como Vanella, Dani Delgado, David Casado, Adrian García o Adri Ryzhov demostraron que por algo pasaron a la final disparando trucos en todas las direcciones. En el podium se subieron los que reventaron las tres zonas. Pedro Sánchez se tiraba al plano en la zona 3 de nollie hard flip big spin (como lo oyes), Christian Casimiro bs 360 ollies muy tochos, Pol Catena bs flip al plano a mil por hora, Diego Cano destrozó la barra… pero al final el madrileño Cristian Estrada tras planchar un enorme bs flip hasta el suelo en la zona 2 con su último tiro, se hizo con la victoria llevándose 600 € y un viaje para patinar en la final mundial en Los Ángeles. Gracias al Ayto de Mollet del Vallés, Jart Skateboards y a todos los asistentes por compartir un día mágico de Skateboarding. Resultados: Los tres primero de cada categoría se clasifican para la final mundial Wild In The Parks Championships en Los Ángeles el 17 de Octubre de 2015 POL CATENA-TRANSFER SS FS K PUBLIC OVERCROOKS - CHRISTIAN CASIMIRO - 5 - OPEN JOHN BEJARANO - OPEN-K-GRING GABRIEL BJORSVIK - BS360-ZONE 2 GABRIEL BJORSVIK - KGRIND 2ND - 15-21 FLIP BS LIP - OPEN DIEGO AND CRISTIAN HUG JUST KNOWN WHO´S GOT THE FLIGHT CRISTIAN ESTRADA-BS FLIP TO 1ST PLACE CRISTIAN DELGADO - TAILSLIDE-BIGSPIN BSFLIP - POL CATENA - 3-OPEN 5050 - UP-ADRI RYZHOV 5050 - OSCAR SPEAR -3RD-14 GIVEAWAY TOSS  RESULTS: Top 3 each category qualify for Wild In The Parks Championships in Los Ángeles el 17 de Octubre de 2015 BEST KID 10 -: Iker Puerta BEST GIRL: Paula Fiores 14- 1-Lorenzo Palumber 2-Adrian Delgado 3-Oscar Spear 4-Duncan Pozza 5-Fausto Diaz 14-PODIUM 15 -21: 1-Oyvind Svensen 2-Gabriel Bjorsvik 3-Anthony Renaud 4-Acram Majidi 5-Peque 15-21 PODIUM 15-21-QUALIFIERS FOR CHAMPIONSHIPS Open: 1-Cristian Estrada – 600 € - Viaje a USA 2-Diego Cano – 250 € 3-Pol Catena – 150 € 4-Pedro Sánchez 5-Christian Casimiro happy Open winners
De Paris production Deuxieme Vague is streaming !
De Paris is a photobook project made every year in Paris, London and for the first time next year in Berlin. On September 21st, they have released their new video project: Deuxième Vague. Deuxieme Vague is edited by Guillaume Perimony and supported by VOLCOM. It has been filmed in Paris in 2014 including footages from all the parisian skaters and videographers Plus some short movies directed by oversea guest filmmakers. The video features Volcom team riders such as Vincent Coupeau and Romain Covolan. This is a postcard of Paris skateboard scene and spots in 2014. Vins Copeau pushin hard – Maxime Verret Covoland !   WWW.DEPARISYEARBOOK.COM
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