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Dylan Alito

Dylan Alito

De: Evergreen Age: 27

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Birth Date:  09/20/1990

Birth Place: Evergreen, CO

Current Residence: Denver

Stance: Regular

Favorite Volcom piece: Castlegar Insulated Shirt

Other Sponsors: Electric, 32, Etnies, Drop, Satellite board shop, Hobo

Dylan Alito is off his rocker. He is the loudest, funniest and most passionate person you will ever meet. He is a Colorado Cowboy born and raised, and lives to snowboard. Having been banned from multiple ski resorts around Summit County, Dylan has been getting his season passes under several different names for the past 5 years. Dill Doderman, Bobby Blumpkin, and Reginal Mufhuffer III have all been reeking havoc on Colorado ski resorts in the form of a stocky, short tempered, blonde kid with a mullet. Dylan is as punk as they come, with a knack for disregarding authority and an in your face personality. Combine that with endless raw talent, and you have one of the most exciting snowboarders to date. Dylan embodies Youth Against Establishment to the fullest, and wont be stopping for ski patrol any time soon. Look for Dylan in Veeco Productions newest film True To This, a feature film celebrating America's first boarding company, coming 2014.

What was your first snowboard: Liquid with pee man on it

What was your first snowboard movie that got you hooked: Destroyer, Decade, The Resistance

Scariest moment of the season: Almost fell in a gorilla cage

Best trip: Z Claw! With z crue!

One item you always have in your snowboard pants: Duggie

Besides snowboarding: Skatin and sqadin

Future plans: Meet Miley Cyrus

Currently: Chillin with my chibbins

Under my feet: Soaked salty socks

In my ears: Wax

It's important for me to: Laugh loud and fart louder

On the calendar: Ask an aztec


A high voltage shred flick. Low sleep, high energy, snowboarding, skateboarding, loud, fast, fun, free. Featuring: Benny Milam, Reid Smith, Dylan Alito, Arthur Longo, Pat Moore, Curtis Ciszek, Torgeir Bergrem, Cody Warble, CJ Collins, Collin Provost, Scott Blum, Axel Cruyberghs, Mike Rav, Noa Deane & more
Veeco: A Volcom Film Making Documentary Available Now; Streaming Free For 48-Hours
Directed by Jamie Heinrich, Veeco: A Volcom Film Making Documentary the story behind the Volcom filmmaking legacy, Veeco Productions, is streaming for free online at for the next 48-hours. Veeco… is also available today on iTunes. Veeco: A Volcom Film Making Documentary takes a journey through the Volcom film library and 21 years of living a life completely out of the ordinary. Go behind the scenes with the filmmakers and riders as they share their tales of blood, sweat and debacle in such iconic films as Alive We Ride, The Garden, Stoney Baloney, Subjekt Haakonsen, Magna Plasm, Chichagof and more. Featuring interviews with Richard Woolcott, Troy Eckert, Remy Stratton, Terje Haakonsen, Jamie Lynn, Gavin Beschen, Bryan Iguchi, Dustin Dollin, Ozzie Wright, Caswell Berry, Rune Glifberg, Ryan Thomas, Dusty Payne, Curtis Ciszek, Dylan Alito, Scott Blum, Seth Huot, Kai Garcia, Ryan Sheckler, Grant Taylor, Dan Brisse, Colin Provost and Tai Van Dyke.
Superparty at Superpark 17
Mark another year in the books, boys… 17 to be exact. Four more of these things and maybe they can replace the energy drink sponsor with an alcohol sponsor? Last week the folks over at Snowboarder Mag kindly welcomed us to their prestigious Superpark event, a 5-day super session filled with snowboarding’s a-list riders and hungry up-and-comers. Super-sized jumps, Gotham City-like urban setups, hips with missing landings and many other features were built by the various park staffs around the country to put the shredders’ skills to the test. The Volcom Snow family rallied deep in attendance with the likes of Dylan Alito, Scott Blum, Seth Huot, Zac Marben, Johnny Lazz, Daniel Brown, Frank Knab, Hunter Wood, Zack Normandin and Ruiki Masuda taking some grilling hot laps throughout the 5-day session. Greeted with Springtime conditions by the great town of Bend, the boys got busy on AND off the hill. Team shred! Hot laps and cold brews with the team all week long! The first few days were filled with high-fives and catch-up conversations with the team adjusting to what Superpark 17 had to offer. As the week progressed so did the shredding. East-coast Volcom family rider Zack Normandin went MC Hammertime the whole week, sending some of the most beautiful methods on the gap hip during the live webcast session. Dylan Alito, Hunter Wood and Frank Knab triple-teamed the single step-up jump with double back flips… if that makes any sense? Scott Blum also pulled out a few tricks from his bag, planting his Replant snowboard all over the place. Off the hill, team manager Pat Barraza turned the heat up and fired up the grill, providing dogs and burgs for everyone coming down from the hill. Dylan "Juggalito" Alito pickin' nose over the gap hip No clever caption necessary... Hunter Wood, straight up style. Zack Normandin shows proper Method as Johnny Lazz and Hunter Wood enjoy the scenery Daniel Brown blow tail! Team Manager, Pat Barraza, providing sausage for all! Lazz: “Let The Boy Watch!” Sunset sessions took place every night, recapping the day and preppin' for the mayhem in the next few hours!