Volcom trae de vuelta este verano sus mini festivales inspirados en el concepto del Volcom Garden en Austin, Texas, al Frida's Pier en Stuttgart, Alemania, el 2 de julio, y Pier 15 en Breda, Países Bajos, el 10 de septiembre.

Cada fecha contará con bandas en vivo, exposiciones de arte que reunirán a algunos artistas que giran en torno al universo Volcom, pero también un mercado creativo, eventos de skateboarding con premios, comida y bebidas.

Celebrando su proxima colección Volcom Featured Artist , la exposición de arte mostrará obras de Chrissie Abbott, French y Bob Mollema.


Los expositores incluyen merchandising de bandas, taller de camisetas tie-dye, trabajo de artistas locales, tienda de discos, stand de Volcom (con carteles serigrafiados y productos de la colección Featured Artist), tatuajes y más.


3pm: Doors Open – Creative market- Artshow – DJs – open skateboarding 
5pm: Marcoca 
5.45pm: skate break 
6.15pm: Dead Elvis And His One Man Grave 
7pm: skate break 
7.30pm: Mooon 
9.00pm: Suck  
10.15pm: Iguana Death Cult  
11.30pm til late: DJs // Maxcarpone – Theo Spazzatura – Vihgdohr Bocelli 
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¡Únete a nosotros para disfrutar de buenos momentos garantizados!

¡Los tickets cuestan solo 5 € con una bebida de cortesía y entras en un sorteo ganar uno de los 5 packs de premios de productos Volcom Featured Artist!

About The Bands


Rotterdam-based fivesome Iguana Death Cult initially made their mark with giddy, hard-hitting garage punk and a miasma of acid-drenched psychedelics, only to blossom into an all-embracing unit that implements frameworks of post-punk, krautrock, new wave, soul and disco! 

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There must be something in the water in Kassel these days - the latest hairball this shabby little town spat out is a bunch of wasted no-goods called SUCK. Their straight forward magic potion containing pacy '77 Punk, early Sabbath-heaviness and the slime of sacred frogs from the Amazon jungle will make you go absolutly loco! 



Way back, in the early 2013's, a new and loud sound was born in a little 
backyard barn in a far away town called Aarle-Rixtel. 
They were producing what they would call 'Good Music'. 
The brothers Tom and Gijs de Jong, and their cousin Timo van Lierop were feeling so groovy with their instruments, that they decided to form a new musical collective, called MOOON. 



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LSD is overrated. To embark on a colourful journey just play ‘Magic Drips’. This song reveals all the wizardry of the German band Marcoca who takes you on a magic ride thanks to their smooth bassline and an enveloping synthesizer. Between psychedelic rock and funk, the ending of the song will melt your ego and turn your inner being into pure bliss. 




Elvis... Dead? Yep, just believe me, he is!... Long gone dead and done but not just quite done!! The Memphis stiff is rockin’ like never before, back from the grave, alone and rawer and more primitive then ever! Takin‘care of business as a ONE MAN BAND! Dead Elvis without the Memphis Mob, Pills or Viva Las Vegas. Just one monster playing drums guitar and howlin’ like he’s got nothing to lose! This is primitive Rock & Roll as it is meant to be! Sounds that will wake you up from your hit parade nightmare! 


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About the art exhibition

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Chrissie Abbot is a designer, art director & artist from London. She creates bespoke content, imagery, and animation for brands utilising mixed-media for online & print. Always trying to put a happy spin on things, to be a ‘colourful interlude to all the negative imagery that we are constantly bombarded with’. With music being one of her biggest inspirations, it’s no surprise that her favourite format is still a 12” record sleeve. She exhibits artwork internationally and creates zines.  



Richard “French” Sayer is an artist, illustrator & art director. Creating artwork, illustration, graphics, design & art direction for the music industry, advertising, print, fashion, publishing and the skateboard industry. 

His artwork is often an illustrated nostalgic view of VHS horror movies, board games, fantasy book covers and heavy metal. His work is infused with a sense of humour, ultra detail and a bold sense of colour. 


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Bob Mollema, Bennekom 1990, works as an illustrator, artist and musician. He mainly works on large projects where humanity, absurdity, desire and dishonesty are central. These elements form a cocktail that results in critical, sometimes humorous, illustrations that make people think. A recurring theme is archaic Europe and the way people spiritually dealt with nature, incorporating the often naive and pure style of the archaic peoples into his art. He mainly works with graphite and eraser because the roughness, coincidence, margin of error & the analogue aspect are in keeping with his search for purity and authenticity. It is an act of rebellion against the uniformity that is slowly but surely devouring the world.