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Para celebrar la serie Featured Artist de otoño 2022 de Volcom en colaboración con Bob Mollema, Chrissie Abbott x French y Vaderetro, una tienda pop-up ha abierto sus puertas al público en Wasted Talent Studio, 202 Avenue de Menuisiers, 40150 Soorts Hossegor, Francia del 4 al 31 de julio!

Los artistas se acercaron a celebrar el estreno el martes 5 de julio para una fiesta repleta de sorpresas.


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El evento fue interactivo con algunas pinturas en vivo de Bob Mollema, un taller completo de parches de tela (la gente trajo la ropa que querían tunear, serigrafiaron a mano los parches y los cosieron en el lugar), música de Arthur UberAlles, empanadas frescas de La Boca y bebidas de L'île du Malt.

La noche terminó con unas bebidas más en el bar Coolin al lado de la playa…

Gracias a todos los que disfrutaron de la velada con nosotros.

The artists

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Chrissie Abbot is a designer, art director & artist from London. She creates bespoke content, imagery, and animation for brands utilising mixed-media for online & print. Always trying to put a happy spin on things, to be a ‘colourful interlude to all the negative imagery that we are constantly bombarded with’. With music being one of her biggest inspirations, it’s no surprise that her favourite format is still a 12” record sleeve. She exhibits artwork internationally and creates zines.  



Richard “French” Sayer is an artist, illustrator & art director. Creating artwork, illustration, graphics, design & art direction for the music industry, advertising, print, fashion, publishing and the skateboard industry. 

His artwork is often an illustrated nostalgic view of VHS horror movies, board games, fantasy book covers and heavy metal. His work is infused with a sense of humour, ultra detail and a bold sense of colour. 


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Bob Mollema, Bennekom 1990, works as an illustrator, artist and musician. He mainly works on large projects where humanity, absurdity, desire and dishonesty are central. These elements form a cocktail that results in critical, sometimes humorous, illustrations that make people think. A recurring theme is archaic Europe and the way people spiritually dealt with nature, incorporating the often naive and pure style of the archaic peoples into his art. He mainly works with graphite and eraser because the roughness, coincidence, margin of error & the analogue aspect are in keeping with his search for purity and authenticity. It is an act of rebellion against the uniformity that is slowly but surely devouring the world. 



Vaderetro is an illustration, graphic design and craft printing studio founded by Alexandre Debelloir and Julian Santus.

Since 2015, their common passion for rock and metal culture led them to collaborate with many bands (Gojira, Kvelertak, Kadavar) and festivals (Hellfest, Motocultor). They have also been able to extend their focus to other areas, including publishing (Gallimard, Hachette) and branding (Volcom).

Their work is inspired by Medieval imagery, dark romanticism, botany, and even traditional tattoos. They are also developing their own engraving practice in their studio by making hand-crafted prints.


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