Sustainability vision The ideals

Throughout our business, we are actively addressing our environmental and social impacts with a commitment to responsible manufacturing practices, better fiber sourcing, robust impact evaluation, and meaningful give backs. One more way, that Volcom remains, True to This. At Volcom, we envision a New Future where our oceans are strong, our climate is stable and society is fully engaged.

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Strong oceans

When our oceans are weak, we do not thrive as a species period. Plus, we like surfing.

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Stable climate

As the climate becomes more erratic and unpredictable, the planning of our business and enjoyment of outdoor sports becomes that much more difficult.

NO . 3

Smart society

It takes us all contributing to this New Future. Through education and innovation, commitments must be turned into action. It's up to all of us to play a part.


Core tenets The pillars

Supporting our sustainability vision are three pillars, which have become the core tenants of our Future program.


It starts with our P.A.S.S. (Product And Social Safety) program that ensures our products are built responsibly and in compliance with the highest global social and chemical regulatory practices and is complimented, since 2014, by our pending Fair Labor Association membership.

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The Volcom Give Back series continues to support and bring awareness to organizations meaningful to our stakeholders (that's you, that's us). Since its inception, the Give Back Series has generated over a half million dollars for our non-profit partners and other community initiatives.


The Environmental Profit & Loss allows us to measure and monitor the costs of environmental changes associated with our business, and then zero in on the areas that need the most attention.

New Future 2020 Targets

Armed with the knowledge we have gained since implementing our New Future sustainability program in 2013 and a clear vision of the program's driving ideals and the pillars created to support them, we have set the following 2020 sustainability targets to further advance our New Future.


Fiber Sourcing

We are committed to increasing both the amount of recycled material in our polyester and nylon as well as the usage of organic, recycled and/or better cotton* in Volcom products, so that by 2020, we are at a 20% New Future mix.



Volcom will integrate New Future sustainability across all facets of the Volcom's consumer facing marketing.


Educating & Training

By 2020, Volcom aims to create an internal Volcom employee and leadership New Future sustainability certification program with at least 90% of employees completing certification.


Closing the loop

With an eye on the future, Volcom will develop a program that resembles our Give Jeans a Chance program so that used Volcom products can be collected, processed and either donated or kept for closed loop manufacturing in the future (hopefully a future that's not too far off).